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Summer 2017 SEATTLE
Session A:
June 5-26 at Soma Yoga in Ballard with Darrah Blanton
2:15-3:05 pre-ballet ages 4-5
3:15-4:05 pre-ballet ages 3-4
4:15-5:05 ballet ages 5-7
$68 (4 weeks)
Session B:
July 5-August 2 at Soma Yoga in Ballard with Inès Andrade
Tuesdays 9:10-10:00 pre-ballet ages 3-5 $68 (4 weeks)
Wednesdays 10:30-11:20 pre-ballet ages 3-5 $85 (5 weeks)

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DB=Instructor is Darrah Blanton IA=Instructor is Inès Andrade

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