"Aubra goes above and beyond what is asked of her. She puts much thought, care, and creativity into her class planning as an instructor. She is also very receptive to feedback and seeks opportunities to grow as a teacher and in her knowledge. She respects student choice and agency. (In other words, she gives her students plenty of space to explore). She creates a space that feels welcoming and safe for her students. There is a warmth and enthusiasm about her that is infectious!" -Susanne Hutchinson, Owner: The Yoga Tree

"Aubra is a gifted dancer and a natural with children. During college she watched our three young girls on a regular basis and was consistently responsible, warm, creative, and FUN. It was such a treat to watch her perform on stage and was truly an inspiration and role model for our children. With her degrees and direct experience in both education and dance, I can't imagine a better dance teacher for any student!" -Julietta Skoog, Ed.S., MA, Co-Founder: Sproutable

"Teacher Sara provides the perfect balance of fun, energy, respect, and instruction in her dance classes. Her knowledge about various forms of movement is vast, and her love for the art is obvious. Pair that with her natural connection to children alongside her dedication to make an enriching class experience, and viola, you have a meaningful and magical dance class for your child week after week. I share these commendations as both a parent of a child whom Sara taught, as well as a manager of Sara when she worked for me as a creative movement dance teacher." -Sarah Porter

"Once in a blue moon, an instructor like Darrah Blanton comes along. How lucky we are to be a part of her program!

Clearly, teaching is a passion of hers, not merely a job. She manages a class of young, hyper students and their eager parents with patience, grace, and a great deal of creativity. Ms. Blanton seems to have mastered getting students excited about learning dance and helping them focus. Our family is incredibly grateful for the talent she bestows upon our daughter.

She is truly a leader who manages to keep all involved. Not once this year have I felt uninformed about what has been happening in the class.

Ms. Blanton been a true blessing for Gabriella, and has had an extraordinary impact on her development." - Ramona Wessel

"My daughter first took a dance class with Darrah when she was 2 years old and she loved going to class each week. Darrah taught the class in a way that was developmentally appropriate, creative and fun for both the children and the parents participating. I was impressed with Darrah's poise and calming presence with so many young children running around!

We asked Darrah to come to my daughter's 3rd birthday party to lead the children in creative movement and dance. Darrah kept the children engaged and brought different activities and music for a very successful party. It was such a great party that we had her come back the next year for our daughter's 4th birthday too!" - Sheri