Creative Pre-Ballet
In Creative Pre-Ballet students learn to stretch, chasse and plie! A fun and engaging class that encourages children to use their imaginations. Class includes the BrainDance and exploring a weekly story that incorporates different dance elements. Students learn foundational steps such as skips, balancing, leaps, hops on one foot, and turns. Social, physical and emotional skills are all strengthened by participating in Pre-Ballet.

Creative Ballet
Creative Ballet is a wonderful introduction to the art form. Students learn the BrainDance, five ballet positions, barre exercises such as plie, tendu and degage', center floor balancing poses, and dynamic leaps and skips, all in a fun and encouraging environment. Ballet terminology, step combinations, and partner dances are all covered during the session. Students learn a short choreographed dance to be presented to family and friends on the final day of class.

Parent-Toddler is a fun and upbeat class where parent (or caregiver) and child learn and dance together! Class includes the BrainDance, introduction of basic dance and movement concepts, lots of fun props, parachute play, obstacle course, games and songs. Learn skills and exercises to practice at home. A great introduction to the joy of dance!

Ballet/Tap Combo
Each class includes the BrainDance and instruction in both ballet and beginning tap. Learn to shuffle, ball change, grapevine and make your own rhythms with your tap shoes! Basic ballet skills are taught during the ballet portion of each class, and creative self-expression is encouraged!

Summer 2022 Camp A June 20-23, Capitol Hill: Under the Sea Stories
In this four day camp, children will develop their creative skills through dance, crafts, and storytelling. We will explore familiar stories like The Little Mermaid and Moana as well as create new ones inspired by our favorite sea creatures (real and imaginary). This camp is a perfect fit for students who are looking to grow their dance skills and have fun doing it!

Summer 2022 Camp B July 11-15, Capitol Hill: Dance Variations
In this week-long camp, children will be introduced to dance and performing arts history. We will watch videos of famous dance variations, engage in class discussions about different dance and performance techniques, and create choreography inspired by what they saw and learned! This camp is designed to get young dancers excited about dance and the many forms it can take!

Summer 2022 Camp C July 18-22, Ballard: Ballet Stories
In this week-long camp, students will be introduced to famous ballet stories such as The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and more! The class will watch clips of performances, learn simplified choreography from those pieces, and create choreography inspired by the ballet stories. Students will develop their dance skills through play, crafts, and imaginative storytelling.

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