Class Attire

The following are some guidelines for class attire. Feel free to have fun with different colors and styles! All genders may wear any of the items listed below.

Pre-ballet: Comfy clothes, or leo/tights/tutu/skirt. Bare feet (footless tights) or ballet slippers (footed tights).
Ballet: Comfy clothes-leggings and T-shirt or leotard/tights suggested. No jeans please. Ballet shoes recommended (if they present sensory challenges for your child, bare feet are ok). Please properly prepare your child's ballet shoes (instructional video below). Shoes without ties are even better.
Parent-Toddler: Comfy clothes: T-shirts, shorts, leggings. Leotard/tights/ballet slippers/skirt/tutu also fine but not required!
Ballet/Tap combo classes: Ballet and Tap shoes required. Please properly prepare your child's ballet shoes before the first day of class (instructional video below). Tap shoes with velcro instead of ribbons or laces are recommended. Comfy clothes, or leotard/tights/skirt/tutu.

How to properly tie ballet shoes (important!):

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